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       Our Philosophy

Our staff has vast experience in running clubs and leagues for multiple shooting disciplines of many different structures. Thus allowing us to manage and run shoots at the local, state, regional, and national levels, hosting crowds of well over 5,000 shooters. We know what it takes to make your club, leagues, or tournaments a success!

To ensure clubs continue to have access to the best management expertise and cutting-edge knowledge, ShootersPost, LLC are revising our efforts to better assist our youth to better meet the vision that we originally set out to accomplish. We currently work in cooperation with the NSSF, ATA, NSCA, NSSA, and the SCTP. Our work is complemented by other like-minded partners in the online software community that share our values and beliefs. Most importantly, we welcome the assistance of our member clubs and associations in the development and direction of our efforts.

        For all your club management needs... is an innovative system designed for and by shooting sports enthusiasts using state-of-the-art technical design, programming, and networking for shooting sports clubs across the country. ShootersPost is working with shooting clubs and organizations and is offering a means for communications, event posting, advertising, membership tracking and scorekeeping like never seen before. Offering up these services, and immersing ourselves in all aspects to protect and defend our Second Amendment Rights for now, and the future. We are dedicated to providing resources, sharing knowledge, building capacity and forging partnerships with shooting clubs and organizations. ShootersPost can be used for all clay target disciplines and more. Join the system that will be sweeping the nation...ShootersPost! 

        Who We Are...

ShootersPost is made up of individuals that are not only shooting sports advocates, but also, past club presidents, board chairmen, and club managers as well.  Derived from needs of a local trap shooting club back in 2000, ShootersPost was originally developed to simply offer up posting of scoring on the web.  Questions were asked, years passed, and the ShootersPost slowly grew from a local website to a full blown service that offers up most, if not all, of the needs of the modern shooting club. We have adopted the philosophy that we don't claim to know everything about every club's needs, and therefore, see ShootersPost as a "dynamic" effort that allows you, the user, to assist in it's growth and direction. 

       Our Vision

The foundation of ShootersPost is based upon shared values for the shooting sports world, our rights, our freedoms, and the protection thereof. All of which are used in our decision-making.  Other core values that we believe in and practice are; Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity. We foresee and will strive to do what we say we are going to do so as to make this system the most effcient and productive tool that we all can and bring together our sporting communities for the better of all.  We view the future of ShootersPost as a giving back to the communities that serve us in ways that assist in the success of the clubs as well as the sporting lifestyle in general.


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For this space please call us at (414) 881-8832

More Than A Score...

       Our Mission

ShootersPost will remain on the cutting edge of shooting sports and sports club management technology by developing innovative tools that strive to make the management of our clubs simpler and more efficient so as to enhance the experience of those people that work so hard to make our experience better and hence, make our clubs a success. ShootersPost is committed to shooting sports club success, youth development, and the rights to continue enjoying our freedoms in this nation for many future generations to come.


Advertise With Us!

For this space please call us at (414) 881-8832