why should I register with shooterspost?

so, you ask "why should I sign up with shooterspost?"  a logical question! let's take a look at what the shooterspost community can do for you and our organizations...

we, the shooting community, have a lot of organizations, clubs, records to manage. what if we had 1 place to enter those records and keep track of them? simple right? what if that same "place" held the capability for you to renew club memberships online? from your chair?  register for shoots online? register for your club's leagues online? sign up  full league teams? register for a shoot at exactly the time and field that you would like?  all this and more are possible with the use of the shooterspost community.

we don't charge to be part of the community because we want people to utilize our years of experience in managing membership  and club records. as the community grows, so do our member clubs, so do our associations, and so on. the whole idea is to make this easier and simpler on the shooter, and then our clubs.

real life:  Joe Shooter Registers with Shooterspost. he now has 1 place to enter his ata, nssa, nsca, and other association membership id's, classes, and categories.  he also has the opportunity to connect with his club, any offered shoots on the system, and any leagues at the club that he belongs to. he is now a member of the shooterspost community.

hosting a "shoot"

you have an account with shooterspost, now what? well, you also have the capability to host a shoot.  why wouldn't this be a part of a club interface you ask? because we understand that sometimes it is not just a club offering up shoots, but organizations, and individuals. straight shooter allows anyone to host a shoot. 

capabilities include multiple events, registration management, squad generation and management, online registration capabilities to shooterspost community members, hoa, scrolling displays, award leaderboards, community wide online shoot posting, sporting clay course setup, scorecards, vouchers, export capabilities, and more.

the idea is to have one place to host your shoot ad manage the creation of it. Then during your shoot, check people in, and score.  that should be it! time for you to shoot as well, and have a good time at the events you worked so hard to succeed!

real life:  JOE SHOOTER decides to host a shoot . he sets up 2 events, generates squads and sets locations. checks off that he wants the shoot to be available for pre-registration. jane shooter signs up for shooterspost, and can now see the shoot in her shoot registry and wants to attend. she selects to pre-register, finds the squad she wants, and prints out a voucher. jane attends the shoot, shoots very well, sees her score on a rolling display at the club or on her phone, and as soon as the scores are entered, she realizes that she took high gun ladies class aa!

my club likes this! what can they do?

shooterspost created the "club commander" for just that reason! if you are part of a club, board, or organization that needs something more than an excel spreadsheet to manage membership information, contacts, volunteer hours, and leagues. then the club commander is what you are looking for! only we took it to the next level.

if your club is like most, you have a ton of members, and few volunteers that have the time to devote to help make it succeed, correct? we all are busy, and it's understood! what if you had a secure system where your members could register and re-register for membership online? generate filtered reports and exports for email lists and more? create leagues, open them up for registration, and allow the shooterspost community to register for them online? with shooterspost club commander, you can!

league management is also a feature of the club commander. host individual, team head-to-head, or hunt & cover leagues. set up the schedules, display results online, register online, utilize calculated individual handicap, and much more!

we all wish we had a way to track volunteer hours better. here it is! you can assign chores, notes, and hours.  keep track of who is working and not working, generate reports, and more. 




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so, let's get down to the facts...

* we strive to make our shooters, clubs, organizations, rights and heritage strong and successful.

* we work with our organizations to make our shooter's lives easier.

* we strive to help our clubs succeed through making a system that is easy to use so the working individuals can enjoy our shooting sports as well.

* we use the technology available to offer up simple solutions to our shooting community ad make their lives easier.

* we endorse ad are deeply involved with the youth shooting sports movement, and will give whenever possible.

* the more shooters in the community

     * the more shoots will be accessible 

          * the more clubs will benefit from the community

               * the more leagues and associations will grow

                    * the more we all benefit for the future of our heritage!

* we do not share or sell data. it is yours - it stays that way!

* we do not pester you with constant emails

* we are always working with "you" to make these tools better